Inspired by a blooming desert: Emerald Atacama

Our Bold Joy Collection was born from the constant search for reasons to smile after a difficult year and all the learning obtained in the process. In the end, the reasons have come from internal and external resources and the smallest detail has been invaluable at the time of creating each piece. Inspired by a blooming desert we have created Atacama 1/5.

Deserts are inhospitable places that are difficult to survive. They can look like oceans of sand with extreme temperatures or even some seem to show us their frown with their rock formations and arid soils. Both, visually and symbolically deserts evoke an atmosphere far from confusion, a place devoid of doubts, perhaps caused by its spaciousness and its open views that somehow make us partakers of an almost lacerating honesty.

Inhabiting these spaces for a long time can be brutal for the travelers who pass them, but they also reveal our survival capacities and remind us of who we are and what we are made of. Far from distractions and comforts our soul cannot be distracted from its communion, and at times it would seem that heaven and earth come to mix. It is no accident that prophets, visionaries, writers, and hermits throughout history have repeatedly been associated with these inhospitable lands.

At first glance it might not seem like that, but the Atacama desert is one of the driest on the planet. On rare occasions after a heavy rain this desert located in Chile is covered with miles of colorful flowers. The phenomenon is known as the Flowery Desert. More than 200 species come to inhabit the desert. Some of them wait for years for a single drop of water falling from the sky to make them germinate.

We have all had our desert. They have been difficult days and why are we going to minimize them? But also during this time we have been able to reinvent ourselves, to look at ourselves more deeply, to let go of things that we thought necessary and to trust that water always falls from the sky.

The color palette of the threads and stones that we have chosen in this piece and that we have sewn by hand inspired by the Atacama landscape, have been part of a constant meditation: "Everything works for the good in our lives, even the most desolate deserts are capable of flourishing." At the end we have agreed to make only 5 repetitions of this design to preserve our sustainable principles and not detract from the exclusivity of the design.

The combination of elements, gemstones and crystals in the making of this piece is related to the heart chakra (4th) and the third eye chakra (6th).

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and a good crystal to heal the healer. It induces a connection with the higher self and helps to always be prepared for any situation. Seals the auric field, creates a protective shield of divine energy, calms the environment, providing peace and protection.

Emerald is used to open the third eye. Provides vitality, good memory, patience and honesty. It is the stone of abundance. A magnificent emotional balancer, which purifies the spirit, stabilizes and calms in a sedative effect. It is an ideal stone for meditation; helps to overcome anxiety states, brings good luck, confers firmness and strength in the person.

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